What is a dangerous heel?


Doctors believe that the foot is up to 23 years. Until this age, orthopedists recommend refraining from wearing heels and stilettos. But even after this age with you. The footnote also increases, which ultimately leads to its deformation. Because heel lovers often develop the spur (plantar fasciitis): the proliferation of heel lovers. In addition, it will allow to wear flat shoes. The situation can only be corrected by an operation. It can be interrupted by interstitial hernia. Bad high heels and those with scoliosis. And, of course, you must be aware of your health.

If you ever had to limp after a party that you had on heels, this trick will definitely suit you. So, what you need to do: you need to tightly rewind the third and fourth toes with a medical plaster, you can – with adhesive tape. Connect your fingers together, rewind them and then feel free to wear heels. Sounds like strange and meaningless advice? Far from it, do not be surprised: there is a nerve between these toes on the legs, which begins to ache terribly when it is under pressure.

And for low girls, heels are our everything. However, this is the most uncomfortable shoes, especially if you go through them all day. In this article I will tell you how to choose a comfortable heel: the right height so that the shoes are as comfortable as possible. Well, it’s over to tell you how to combine shoes with different heel height to look stylish and interesting!

Of course, trying to find the same pair that will be comfortable and comfortable as slippers is completely useless. But the pain after wearing shoes, too, appears not without reason. She says that the height is chosen incorrectly.

Yes, and shoes on a flat course can be no less harmful than tall studs. I think many have noticed that in some shoes you can run through the whole day, and in others – your legs fall off in half an hour? The thing is that our foot has a natural angle of lift, according to him, every girl has her own ideal heel height. You can define it yourself. Walk home without shoes and stand on tiptoes. How do you prefer: walk directly on the fingers or on the foot pads? This size will be comfortable for you.

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It also affects your ankle mobility, which depends on the size of the cavity between the ankle and the heel (tarsal sinuses). In this place is the interosseous ligament. Therefore, those who have these ligaments less mobile, feel better in shoes with a flat sole, and accordingly, those with whom they are more mobile, easily walk on spikes. So, here is a simple instruction on how to choose the right heel. I must say that you need an assistant. So rather call girlfriends, sisters, mother, especially since they also need it (a reason for a bachelorette party!). The position of the foot, in which the leg is already required to relax, will help. Take off your shoes and sit right on the chair. The seat should be level and feet should be at a 90 degree angle on the floor. The back is straight. You should be comfortable. Extend one leg in front of you in a straight line, and the other remains in its original position.