How to choose shoes with heels to make it comfortable?

How to choose shoes with high heels
February 22, 2017
How to choose a comfortable heel: tricks that you did not know about!
July 15, 2017
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High-heeled shoes are designed specifically to beautify a woman, to make her slimmer and more elegant. But this happens only when she is confident in them.

If a girl in high heels is ridiculous, then it looks, at least, stupid. It is worth noting that heels can make a woman both a queen at a celebration of life, and a sufferer. Everything will depend on how correctly selected shoes.

And so that you are always on top without sacrificing your comfort and health, in this article we will tell you how to choose high-heeled shoes to make it comfortable.

In order to choose the right shoes with heels so that it is comfortable to walk, follow these rules: First, pay attention to the sole. If it looks smooth and shiny, then put this option aside immediately, because in the process of wearing such shoes will slip, which means it will be inconvenient and even dangerous to walk in it.

True heel height. It should be noted that the higher the pin, the more elegant and slimmer the female figure will look. Pay attention to the platform – its height and shape in high-quality shoes will absolutely match the heel, the difference can be no more than 7 cm.

The quality of the heel. When choosing high-heeled shoes, be sure to check how well the heel is attached. If you can move it or stagger it, then you should refuse to purchase this model, since such a heel will loose and break very quickly.

The heel should not be glued, but nailed, with a metal arch support. Material. Shoes should be chosen only from natural material. If you doubt the quality, it is best to ask the seller about it.

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