How to learn to walk in heels? And what are the safety rules that lovers of studs need to follow?

How to wear high heels without pain and discomfort
November 22, 2017
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The most “physiological” heel is not more than 3-4 cm. Such height supports the natural position of the foot. If you like to wear high-heeled shoes, listen to your body. Tumor, muscle tingling, turns, turns veins, natoptysh, non-call

At least for a while, periodically rest your legs! Fortunately, today there is a small blade in fashion. Another option: shoes on a small platform. You can become a 3 to 4 centimeter trainer.

What is a dangerous heel?
Doctors believe that the foot is up to 23 years. Until this age, orthopedists recommend refraining from wearing heels and stilettos. But even after this age with you. The footnote also increases, which ultimately leads to its deformation.

Because heel lovers often develop the spur (plantar fasciitis): the proliferation of heel lovers. In addition, it will allow to wear flat shoes. The situation can only be corrected by an operation.

It can be interrupted by interstitial hernia. Bad high heels and those with scoliosis. And, of course, you must be aware of your health.

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