How to wear high heels without pain and discomfort

How to choose a comfortable heel: tricks that you did not know about!
July 15, 2017
How to learn to walk in heels? And what are the safety rules that lovers of studs need to follow?
December 15, 2017
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If you ever had to limp after a party that you had on heels, this trick will definitely suit you.

So, what you need to do: you need to tightly rewind the third and fourth toes with a medical plaster, you can – with adhesive tape. Connect your fingers together, rewind them and then feel free to wear heels.

Sounds like strange and meaningless advice? Far from it, do not be surprised: there is a nerve between these toes on the legs, which begins to ache terribly when it is under pressure.

This pressure inevitably appears when wearing heels. Tying your fingers together, you will protect the nerve from the additional load, and yourself – from discomfort.

Wearing heels is so feminine! I hope this advice will help you to wear high-heeled shoes more often and walk with your head held high. And here is the inspiration for those who always lack one more pair in the wardrobe …

Wardrobe heels
Wonderful, very fashionable combination – worn jeans and shoes with lacing.

Do not underestimate the power of red high heel shoes.

Absolute style – platform, heel, straps. For a light dress fit perfectly.

This model is timeless. Such shoes will always be relevant, thoughtful design ensures their popularity. The strap around the ankle is especially good.

Line print looks very fresh. Nobody will reproach such boats with primitiveness – absolutely dull shoes.

Do you think it is difficult to surpass the combination of leopard and metallic? And no! These snake skin sandals are a clear proof of this. Whimsical option for walking around the city.

This platform will save you from pain, go on in such shoes for days on end – there will still be no discomfort.

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